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The Ultimate Metrics Template for Marketplace Startups
With this Template, you will be able to:
  • Understand the Metrics important for the growth of your startup
  • Structure your monthly metrics reporting
  • Make the connection between your actions and the performance of your startup
  • Includes a Google Sheet with complete formulas, which allows for implementation in minutes

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About the Author: 

Melinda Elmborg was a Venture Capital Investor at the French VC firm Daphni. To help founders build, grow and raise capital to their startups, she switched careers to become a startup coach. In 2018, she started Startup Action. 

Based on her learnings, she has developed The Startup Action Framework that guides startups from launch to exponential growth.

So far, over 400 founders have already joined one of her workshops and thousands of founders have taken advantage of her templates and guides to succeed with their startup.

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