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This template will help you in creating a perfect pitch deck that VCs will love and thus invest in your startup.

Learn WHAT information you need to include, HOW you present it and WHY it works

Want to secure an investor?

With these techniques, you will learn how to get investors excited about your startup and not want to miss out on the opportunity!  Click below to access the template.

This template will help you identify your bottlenecks that are holding you back, and improve your conversion rates by discovering who is your ideal customer.

Learn how to grow your startup faster without increasing marketing spend!

Are you running a SaaS startup?  This template contains a subscription startup’s ultimate metrics that drive your company’s growth.

Structure your monthly metrics reporting. Download the Google Sheet that you can implement in a couple of minutes!

This template contains your online marketplace's ultimate metrics that drive your company’s growth.

Structure your monthly metrics reporting. Includes a Google Sheet with complete formulas, which allows for implementation in minutes. Download the sheet!

Did you know that you don’t need to quit your job to start working towards your startup dream?

Get clarity with my three step checklist - learn if you are ready to take that leap to leave your boring job. Click on the download button to access the template!!

With this Template, you will be able to you can organise your experiments, assign tests to team members and set objectives for KPIs.

It also includes a Google Sheet that is easy to access and share with your team. 

If you want to turn your product into a habit for your customers, click download to access my ready to use template to map out all the hooks.

Then you can redesign your product such that your product is an everyday experience.

If you want to raise a seed round and save tons of time and energy, stay organized while keeping in touch with hundreds of possible investors and improve the relationship with investors.  

Click download to access my ready to use template.

About the Author: 

Melinda Elmborg was a Venture Capital Investor at the French VC firm Daphni. To help founders build, grow and raise capital to their startups, she switched careers to become a startup coach. In 2018, she started Startup Action. 

Based on her learnings, she has developed The Startup Action Framework that guides startups from launch to exponential growth.

So far, over 400 founders have already joined one of her workshops and thousands of founders have taken advantage of her templates and guides to succeed with their startup.

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