Learn how to grow your startup faster without increasing marketing spend!


This template will help you identify your bottlenecks that are holding you back, and improve your conversion rates by discovering who is your ideal customer.

The 3 Questions Quiz that lets you identify the Ultimate Analytics Tools that your Startup needs 

Do you feel confused by all different analytics tools? 


Mixpanel, Google Analytics, Tableau, ProfitWell...

It's a jungle!

Thanks to this quiz, you will receive a personal recommendation so you can complete your Analytics Stack with confidence. Stop wasting time with the wrong tools, and directly discover the ones that work for your unique startup!

Some of the world’s biggest startups include marketplaces such as Airbnb, Didi Chuxing, and Grab. It’s a sure thing that they would never have reached their gigantic size unless they knew how to get each metric to grow.


This template contains your online marketplace's ultimate metrics that drive your company’s growth.

Download the Google Sheet that you can implement in a couple of minutes!

With a dashboard tool, you can connect all your different sources of data so you can analyze everything in ONE place.
It allows you to track the Metrics important for the growth of your startup in real-time.

Klipfolio is the top-rated dashboard tool according to customer reviews at G2 Crowd, Capterra, and GetApp. It is also our go-to-tool here at Action Metrics.

In an exclusive collaboration with Klipfolio, we can offer instant access to a FREE 28-days trial of Klipfolio. Only available here!


Want to secure that investor?


With these techniques, you will learn how to get investors excited about your startup and not want to miss out on the opportunity! 

Did you know that you don’t need to quit your job to start working towards your startup dream? 


Get clarity with my three step checklist - learn if you are ready to take that leap to leave your boring job. 


Find out what to do to become ready! Gain the confidence to step out of the safety of your job and start working towards creating something that you could be proud of.


Are you running a SaaS startup? Maybe you run a consumer subscription service. Whatever the case may be, this template is for you! This template contains a subscription startup’s ultimate metrics that drive your company’s growth.

Download the Google Sheet that you can implement in a couple of minutes!

With this Template, you will be able to you can organise your experiments, assign tests to tem members and set objectives for KPIs.


It also includes a Google Sheet that is easy to access and share with your team.

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